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Finding a new car with features you need for your family

Things are certainly changing in the auto sales industry. Eighty percent of all car purchases are influenced by women and there are now more women drivers than men. Recognizing this, Earnhardt Auto has developed Woman to Woman. Dedicated to women shoppers, our women sales consultants are ready to help you decide on the best new ride for your family.

When picking a vehicle for your family, it can be difficult to narrow down what features are most important to you in the price range that fits your budget. It is different from just picking out a car for yourself where the priority might be sporty good looks and performance. You want the vehicle to be comfortable for your entire family. No doubt, you are buying new with the expectation that it will be safer and more reliable than the car you are replacing.

How much room do you and your family need?

In determining how big your car needs to be, you have to think about both the number of family members and their activities. A small family fits just fine in a sedan, but a family of five with band instruments or sports equipment may need a larger amount of interior space.

If you plan on driving a carpool, you may need a larger passenger vehicle that can carry six to eight people. With every change in model or style, you’ll need to evaluate things like rear seat legroom for your teenagers or the number and placement of car seat attachments for your toddlers. The number of cubbies, cupholders, and hidden compartments may figure into your thinking as you consider which vehicle actually has the space to handle your little crowd.

Beyond that, you’ll be debating the size of the trunk and how well the opening allows you to pack big items. A hatchback may be right, but is it big enough? SUVs come in so many sizes now that you have to be careful to get one that is big enough for people and spacious enough to handle your travel gear.

What functional features would you like?

As a mom, your family’s priorities will drive the list of features in your new car. Which will provide the most function for your family? Reading widely and thinking ahead will help you as you shop.

Moms are usually on the hunt for auto features that will keep children comfortable and entertained. Features can include multimedia entertainment centers, onboard vacuum cleaners, hands free liftgates, and side window shades. Entertainment centers can keep all of your passengers occupied and features like the window shades keep children comfortable while traveling. All these features are designed to make family life easier while you are on the road.

You don’t want to forget about the parents in the front seat. If very tall or very short, they may need seats to be a certain height. They may want heated seats and other amenities that make being a parent a little less stressful.

How safe is the vehicle you are considering?

Usually when shopping for a family car, safety features are at the top of the list of priorities. Each year, safety features are advancing in new cars to include items like driver monitoring software and self-parking features. Yet you can’t forget the essentials such as child locks, LATCH attachments, and a suitable number of airbags for a large crowd.

Much of what is being added now is designed to reduce the risk of accidents by giving you built-in tech helpers to make sure you and your family stay safe. It is very important to look at the overall safety rating for the car you are considering because, after all, you are carrying precious cargo in your family car.

Cars with five star overall safety ratings were featured in and included models from makers like Kia, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford and more. You can find used and new cars by these makers when shopping online or in person at Earnhardt Auto.

Safety ratings are available from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is important to compare the same styles when evaluating these ratings.

Earnhardt Auto Centers is dedicated to women drivers and their automotive needs. Check out Woman to Woman to find out how we are willing to go the extra mile for you.

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