Cash, Loan and Lease Options

Cash Purchases

Cash is always a good way to purchase a new car, truck or SUV. Perhaps you have the savings and are ready to make an investment. Or, you have an insurance settlement and need new wheels. We encourage you to ask your woman-to-woman representative if paying cash could net you any additional advantages. Sometimes there are deals that come with cash purchases. By the way, you can certainly start your cash purchase by trading in your old car.

Getting a Loan

Getting a loan from Earnhardt is not an overly complicated process. We work with many lenders to find you the right loan. In some cases, that may be with the new car manufacturer. Other times, it may be through a private lender with good rates. Either way, we will work with you to find the lowest interest rate for which you qualify. The factors in a loan include the interest rate, the monthly payment amount, the down payment amount, and the length of the loan. You will want to understand how the different factors affect the final amount you will be paying.

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Leasing a New Ride

Getting a lease is similar to getting a loan. A down payment and monthly payments are your responsibility, but these amounts may be less than a loan. If you are comparing lease rates for different vehicles at different dealerships, you need to know the interest rate, the mileage limitations, the down payment amount, and the number of months. If any of these factors are different, the monthly payments might be the same, but one lease could be more costly than another. Often your old car provides the cash for a good down payment, reducing your upfront costs.

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