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Best Safety Features for a Family Car

The auto sales industry is finding that focusing on cars for women has become very important for their overall sales. Women are now equal to men when it comes to car shopping. They buy at least half of all cars sold each year in the U.S.

One difference between male and female shoppers is that women tend to do a lot more research than men when shopping for a new car. One of the top priorities for women is the safety of the vehicle they will be purchasing. Perhaps that’s because these buyers are taking care of a family.

Five Safety Features To Consider When Car Shopping

Today’s new cars will have six or more airbags, two or more LATCH attachments for car seats, and electronic stability and traction controls. A rearview camera is now required, too. If you are buying used, be sure to compare the used vehicle’s list of safety features with those required by 2020 cars.

You should check out the overall safety ratings of the make and model you are interested in purchasing. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration bases its ratings strictly on crash tests, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates vehicles based on crash tests and available features. Both offer information about the models available today. While these ratings are helpful, remember that a five-star rating on a sedan is not really the same as one on a big SUV. Different sizes must adhere to different standards.

Most of all, be on the lookout for these five safety features you want your car to have when considering your next car purchase. Some brands offer these on entry-level models, but just as often you will need to step up to get these important crash prevention features.

Forward Collision Auto Braking

The ability of your car to recognize danger and to slow itself is a step toward automation. The forward collision warning needs to be backed up by an autobrake. When you have the two together, you are less likely to hit the car in front of you. No matter how good your airbags are, it is better to avoid a collision altogether.

Lane Warning

When your vehicle’s tires are tracking toward the marked lines, the vehicle can warn you to straighten up. This may prevent common side swipe accidents. Some brands are offering an auto-correct that pulls at the steering wheel. This automates lane correction and is even safer.

Blind Spot Warning

Although it has been around for almost a decade, blind spot technology is still not required on today’s cars. Yet this device prevents crashes daily for many Americans. It watches for side traffic and alerts you when it isn’t safe to change lanes.

Automatic Reverse Braking

Most blind spot technology automatically comes with a cross traffic alert. Many vehicles offer sensors to help you detect other vehicles when you are parking. For either or both, you may be able to get automatic reverse braking.

Adaptive Headlights

This is a safety feature which helps improve your headlights and in turn your visibility on the road. The adaptive headlights use sensors to monitor your car’s elevation to accurately light the road and reduce glare for oncoming traffic. It makes your car easier for other drivers to see, making this an important safety feature.

Our Woman to Woman sales department is dedicated to making the car shopping experience a pleasant one for all of our female shoppers. We want to make sure that the priorities for your car are heard and that we help you purchase a car that is safe and reliable for you and your family. Visit one of our 20 dealerships in the Phoenix area today, or browse for a car on our website from the comfort of your home.

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