dealership expectation

What to Expect at the Dealership

When you contact Earnhardt, you will meet a representative who is ready to help. This is a shopping experience personalized for your needs. Here’s an outline of how our sales rep will assist you in all aspects of the decision-making and buying process.

What to bring

Please bring any information you have about the type, size and features you want. If you need to do further research, our showrooms have Wi-Fi and comfortable seating areas where you can relax and read more online, if you want to. For those who may trade a vehicle, be sure to have your title and any spare keys just in case.

Needs analysis

When you bring your ideas, your budget, and your needs to Earnhardt, they will help you narrow down which vehicles meet your criteria. Size, safety, style, and other factors will be discussed as you discover which vehicle is right for you. In addition, you can learn about trim levels, narrowing down your search even further.

Need ideas? Check out this video from the Car Mom where she outlines the top features she looks for in a vehicle


If you are looking to trade in a vehicle, your sales rep can also start the appraisal process. Soon you will know how much your trade-in can earn you toward a down payment.

Note: You don’t need to buy from us to sell us your vehicle!

When you are ready, it’s time for a test drive of the cars, SUVs or trucks that match your criteria best. In addition, your rep will demonstrate different features, such as the

Test drive

TEST DRIVE entertainment system, crash avoidance systems, and other elements that may help you make a final decision. You can inspect the engine, the trunk or hold, and aspects such as fold-flat seats, LATCH attachments for children’s car seats, and interior storage space.

Fun Fact: Did you know that through the No Bull Express program you can arrange to have the test drive brought to your driveway? Visit for more information.


At that point, purchasing a vehicle is entirely up to you. Assuming you are ready, your rep will help you through the negotiating process. Our pricing is extremely competitive, making your purchase more affordable. We hope to keep stress levels down and your confidence up.

Pro Tip: By coming to the table first with a number, it helps put you in control of the conversation.

Finalizing your purchase

Your sales rep will introduce you to a finance manager with whom you can finalize ownership paperwork. You can get more information about your vehicle’s warranty and the value of extended service plans.


When your car is ready, your sales rep will help you with pairing your smartphone and learning how to use basic functions on the entertainment system.

Walking into a dealership or contacting our team doesn’t commit you to buying a vehicle. Our goal from start to finish is your satisfaction with the customer journey. We’re sure that if you do buy from Earnhardt, you’re going to love your ride. And that ain’t no bull.


Cash, Loan and Lease Options

Cash Purchases

Cash is always a good way to purchase a new car, truck or SUV. Perhaps you have the savings and are ready to make an investment. Or, you have an insurance settlement and need new wheels. We encourage you to ask your woman-to-woman representative if paying cash could net you any additional advantages. Sometimes there are deals that come with cash purchases. By the way, you can certainly start your cash purchase by trading in your old car.

Getting a Loan

Getting a loan from Earnhardt is not an overly complicated process. We work with many lenders to find you the right loan. In some cases, that may be with the new car manufacturer. Other times, it may be through a private lender with good rates. Either way, we will work with you to find the lowest interest rate for which you qualify. The factors in a loan include the interest rate, the monthly payment amount, the down payment amount, and the length of the loan. You will want to understand how the different factors affect the final amount you will be paying.

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Leasing a New Ride

Getting a lease is similar to getting a loan. A down payment and monthly payments are your responsibility, but these amounts may be less than a loan. If you are comparing lease rates for different vehicles at different dealerships, you need to know the interest rate, the mileage limitations, the down payment amount, and the number of months. If any of these factors are different, the monthly payments might be the same, but one lease could be more costly than another. Often your old car provides the cash for a good down payment, reducing your upfront costs.