Woman to Woman Program Earnhardt

The Earnhardt Woman to Woman Program

The Earnhardt Woman to Woman Program is all about connections. The connections we make on a day to day basis are very important to us at Earnhardt Auto Centers and our family of dealerships. We want to be the best guide we can be for customers who come to us for a new vehicle.

We encourage all of our salespeople to be aware of the obstacles that women may feel to car ownership. We’d like to think that you could walk into any of our dealerships, talk to the first salesperson you see, and purchase a car with confidence.

However, studies show that women currently prefer to deal with another woman when making a vehicle purchase or even servicing their car. This led us to create the Woman to Woman Program. You’ll find W2W representatives are especially well-equipped to help other women who are shopping for a new car. We all stand read to help however you need us.

Perhaps you are buying your first car after college. Or, you are looking for the best car for your family. Our W2W sales reps are full of information. We’ve got all the stats on performance if you want something speedy. You’ll probably want to try out the many different high tech gadgets on cars today. Last but not least, we can answer all of your questions about safety.

Our goal is to personalize the experience for each shopper, making the process more fun as well as more worthwhile. We invite you to fill out this form to get started. There’s no obligation. The program is free just for shopping with Earnhardt Auto Centers and one of its 21 dealerships in the Phoenix, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV, area.